A stuffed animal placed in front of a television acts as a newscaster and reads the news. By combining the stuffed animal and program contents, tvx transforms the way we watch television into a new multisensory experience. Besides news programs, this technology can be applied to e-learning and educational programs, anime and other contents.

While viewing a live baseball game, a viewer can swing a bat as the pitcher throws each pitch… and hit a home run if the swing’s timing is right. Thus, watching one’s favorite baseball team on television can be transformed into a physically interactive game-like viewing experience.
tvx uses sound transmission technology called SoundCode, an audio signal (15kHz – 20kHz) undetectable to the human ear that sends data and commands to peripheral devices. Since the signal is inaudible, it can be incorporated into data in a way that doesn’t affect nor disturb visual contents. Another feature is all it requires is a speaker and microphone. There is no need for a net-compatible environment. Since it is same as editing conventional images and audio, the work required to combine the data and commands is extremely simple. Just combining the inaudible SoundCode commands with the images creates an entirely new viewing experience.
Q.What types of devices can tvx control?
A.tvx can control lights, motors and any other device that can decode command data transmitted by a microphone.
Q.How can I purchase tvx and how much does it cost?
A.We conduct individual consultations on how to use tvx and its suggested applications and pricing. Anyone interested can contact us here.
Q.Is the soundcode audible?
A.No, the soundcode is not audible. The soundcode is generated between 18kHz and 20kHz, which is an inaudible range. The soundcode can actually be generated in any frequency range.
Q.Can you use the soundcode on TV or any Web video distribution?
A.Yes, you can use the soundcode on TV and any video distribution. You can adjust the soundcode frequency range to the available frequency range of each video distribution service.
Q.Do you need to have a radio wave to transmit data?
A.No, you don't need to have a radio wave to transmit the data. You can combine this technology and a radio wave when you need to. Depends on the service you are providing.
Q.Which OS is required for this technology?
A.SDK of this technology is available for iOS, Android OS, Windows and Linux.
Q.Does the soundcode have any bad effect on the human body?
A.No, it doesn't. The research company has confirmed the safety of the soundcode.
Q.Do you need any special device to provide the soundcode?
A.No, you don't need a special device. You can use the soundcode on On-line movie, TV, radio, LED vision on the street and any speaker available.
Q.Do you need to have internet access?
A.No, you don't need internet access unless you design the service on the internet.
Q.What is the reception speed and the distance?
A.The reception speed is less than 3 seconds to receive 100 bytes. The distance is between 3m to 10m depends on the volume level of the sound.
Q.Can you communicate with multiple devices?
A.Yes, you can. The soundcode technology can be used for both 1 to 1 and 1 to N.
Q.Is the soundcode patented?
A.Yes, it is. Fieldsystem Inc. has patented the soundcode technology in over 21 countries.
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